Friday, July 2, 2010

Latest Yamaha motorcycle price in July 2010

Yamaha now have a new product, called New JUPITER Z 115cc machine with advantages as follows:

  • Safety key automatic closing
  • Jok automated record keeping
  • Spedo meter with Led Illumination
  • A more powerful 115 cc, equipment economizes

marketing contact:

Mobile: 08562042686

Here we show the price of new motor in July 2010 update

Fashion motor Price

NEW JUPITER Z CW 14.575.000,-

New JUPITER Z 13.775.000,-

New Vega ZR DB 11.975.000,-

XEON 15.625.000,-

MIO 11.550.000,-

CW MIO 12.375.000,-

MIO SOUL 13.500.000,-

JUPITER MX 15.475.000,-

New V-Ixion 20.825.000,-

JUPITER MX CW AT 15.325.000,-

Scorpio Z CW 22.000.000,-

If you want to buy a motorcycle you can buy in cash or credit with easy terms and processes cepat.syarat-motor credit terms include the following:

  • copy of ID husband & wife
  • Copy Cards family
  • copy electric bill and the UN
  • copy certificate income / salary
  • Savings account / retail business letter

relationship or further information only:


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