Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rices of the latest motorcycles

Approximately how many yes the price of my dream bike?
maybe that question will have in your mind when you are going to buy this motor.setidak could be a reference to estimate the price will you buy the motor that, through this blog we will provide information on the latest motorcycle price list of various famous brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha Bajaj, Kawasaki

But you should know that the price of this bike wakru are subject to change due to the price of the bike is usually based on the exchange rate of rupiah against the dollar, but you do not get too worried usually changes the price is not too significant.

As for the list price of these motors are:

New Motorcycle Prices

Type OTR Price (IDR) Diff Price (IDR)

Beat CW 12.500.000

Beat SW 12.000.000

Blade 13.850.000

New CS One 17.250.000

New Mega Pro CW 20.590.000

New Mega Pro Std 19.440.000

New Tiger CW 24.890.000

Revo CW ABS 13.200.000

Revo DX ABS 13.800.000

Revo Std ABS 11.850.000

Supra X 125 CW 15.425.000

Supra X 125 PGM F1 CW 16.430.000

Supra X 125 Std 14.400.000

Vario CBS Techno 15.790.000

Vario CW 14.950.000

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