Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest prices Honda motor in July 2010

realize your dream to be able to have a motor vehicle, Honda now increasingly innovate in order to satisfy konsemen faithful Honda. now we inform the latest price Honda motorcycle on the Moon special MegaPro July 2010:

MEGA PRO STD = 19.400,000 -

NEW MEGA PRO CW = 20.550.000, -

NEW TIGER FACE LEFT = 24.85.000, -

The above prices are cash price, if you want credit should not worry we will continue to serve, please contact our marketing

Hp: 085 620 42 686

or coming directly to: Jln. Sindang laya 101 ujung Berung

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Get your motor is desired, simply pay the first installment according to the Tenor Dealer, you can take home Motor

Now the opportunity to have the motor wide open for anybody and from the middle and lower economic class and above, one of the famous Leassing Companies offering you credit the program with no money down the motor, you simply pay the first installment of the motor you might have to take home and ready to deliver your where the goal, Easy enough right?

You can choose the motor loan term 23 Months, 29 Months or 35 Months. jadijika you already mebayar first installment means to live the rest of your vehicle loan to reduce a mortgage, for example:

Your Honda motor credit
Tenor / term of your loan: 23 Months
installment per month: 560 000, -

So if you've paid 560 000, - you can bring your dream motor and the remaining installments of which you should pay only lived 22 months longer,

But if you include people who are lazy or do not have a mortgage loan has a debt to please you buy your bike in cash, as for the price of the latest Honda motorcycles currently as follows:

> SUPRA X 125 STD : 14.375.000, -

> SUPRA X 125 CW : 15.45.000, -

> SUPRA X 125 inj : 16.525.000,-

> VARIO CW : 14.95.000, -

Contact your nearest dealer in your city or contact:

Mr. S u t r i s n o
Cell phone: 085 620 42 686

Friday, July 2, 2010

Latest Yamaha motorcycle price in July 2010

Yamaha now have a new product, called New JUPITER Z 115cc machine with advantages as follows:

  • Safety key automatic closing
  • Jok automated record keeping
  • Spedo meter with Led Illumination
  • A more powerful 115 cc, equipment economizes

marketing contact:

Mobile: 08562042686

Here we show the price of new motor in July 2010 update

Fashion motor Price

NEW JUPITER Z CW 14.575.000,-

New JUPITER Z 13.775.000,-

New Vega ZR DB 11.975.000,-

XEON 15.625.000,-

MIO 11.550.000,-

CW MIO 12.375.000,-

MIO SOUL 13.500.000,-

JUPITER MX 15.475.000,-

New V-Ixion 20.825.000,-

JUPITER MX CW AT 15.325.000,-

Scorpio Z CW 22.000.000,-

If you want to buy a motorcycle you can buy in cash or credit with easy terms and processes cepat.syarat-motor credit terms include the following:

  • copy of ID husband & wife
  • Copy Cards family
  • copy electric bill and the UN
  • copy certificate income / salary
  • Savings account / retail business letter

relationship or further information only:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rices of the latest motorcycles

Approximately how many yes the price of my dream bike?
maybe that question will have in your mind when you are going to buy this motor.setidak could be a reference to estimate the price will you buy the motor that, through this blog we will provide information on the latest motorcycle price list of various famous brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha Bajaj, Kawasaki

But you should know that the price of this bike wakru are subject to change due to the price of the bike is usually based on the exchange rate of rupiah against the dollar, but you do not get too worried usually changes the price is not too significant.

As for the list price of these motors are:

New Motorcycle Prices

Type OTR Price (IDR) Diff Price (IDR)

Beat CW 12.500.000

Beat SW 12.000.000

Blade 13.850.000

New CS One 17.250.000

New Mega Pro CW 20.590.000

New Mega Pro Std 19.440.000

New Tiger CW 24.890.000

Revo CW ABS 13.200.000

Revo DX ABS 13.800.000

Revo Std ABS 11.850.000

Supra X 125 CW 15.425.000

Supra X 125 PGM F1 CW 16.430.000

Supra X 125 Std 14.400.000

Vario CBS Techno 15.790.000

Vario CW 14.950.000